Shots fired at bonfire site

Shots were fired close to a group of people during eleventh night celebrations in east Belfast.

Police said a car drove close to a group of people at Clara Street at about 0020 BST on Monday.

A passenger tried to fire a shot, but the gun jammed. The driver then fired shots into the air before driving away.

In a separate incident in north Belfast, a man was arrested after petrol bombs were thrown at police in the Torrens area at about 2000 BST.

Meanwhile, in County Londonderry, police fired a number of warning shots after trouble broke out between two groups.

About 60 people were involved in the trouble at the Diamond, Kilrea, at about 0200 BST on Monday.

A number of people were later treated in hospital for head injuries. One man was arrested.

A man was also arrested in Limavady after stones were thrown at police after a disturbance at a bonfire site at Edenmore Road.

The fire service say they had fewer call-outs on Sunday than in previous years.

Only 55 calls were connected to bonfires.

There were 207 emergencies from 1800 BST on Sunday.

In one incident, stones were thrown at a brigade in the Sandown area of east Belfast, but the crew withdrew and no-one was injured.

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