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I am shocked! I am absolutely stunned! I am so angry at what I witnessed just now. I am republican, and I just witnessed former comrades punch and beat residents off the streets and off Brits in my own community. People/residents, who like myself objected to a sectarian march being forced through nationalist area by armed RUC/Brits/SF!! – "MM, Occupied North Belfast", posting on Indymedia

Anthony McIntyre • 18 July 2004

The 12th of July Orange parade was permitted by the Parades Commission to strut right through the heart of a nationalist area. The march route – the Crumlin Road – is abutted on either side by the exclusively nationalist districts of Ardoyne and Mountainview. The cutting edge of the British state in Ireland, its police force, now renamed the PSNI, in the words of Brian Feeney, imprisoned ‘a whole nationalist community to ease the passage of their tormentors.’ Included in their number, courtesy of the PSNI but not the Parades Commission, were the likes of Miller, Mervyn and Melvyn Ten Bellies, freshly out of the pub, their limited vocabulary lubricated by alcohol.

Anne Cadwallader described the plight of the imprisoned residents in three words - ‘caged like animals.’ The mentality that inflicted such havoc and intimidation on the children of Holy Cross School, was given full license and free reign by the PSNI to openly flaunt itself in the face of the community that had frustrated it in its bigoted sectarian intent of three summers past. And the Neanderthals revelled in it. It was their long awaited revenge against the four-year-old ‘Fenian scum.’

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