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**Now, do you hear Big Ian or any of the other loyalist arseholes screaming about this?

UDA hit list fears
Terror group has stolen Castlereagh files

By Alan Murray
25 July 2004

THE UDA has got its hands on the secret Army intelligence file stolen from the Castlereagh security base.

The loyalist terror group has at least one copy of the dossier - containing details of hundreds of terror suspects, according to UDA sources.

One senior north Belfast UDA figure warned that the details could be used to target leading republicans - if there was further trouble over Orange marches in the area.

Said the source: "It is in the possession of the organisation, but, obviously, very few people have seen it and very few will be allowed access to it.

"It won't be flaunted like the Brian Nelson photo-montages."

The security breach at the east Belfast base has sparked a political row and 28 RIR soldiers have been transferred pending the outcome of an inquiry into the file's disappearance.

Sinn Fein has warned of another collusion scandal - and have demanded that all those named in the file should be warned of the possible threat to their security.

The SDLP's Alex Attwood also accused police of "not recognising the seriousness of what has happened".

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