Police under fire over handling of Orange parade
13/07/2004 - 07:56:33

Northern parties are criticising the handling of an Orange parade in north Belfast last night.

It follows the outbreak of violence in the nationalist Ardoyne area after police forced loyalists and Orangemen through the area.

As a result violence erupted with anger being vented at police.

Twenty-five policemen have been injured as a result of the rioting.

Sinn Féin community leaders like Gerry Kelly tried in vain to prevent nationalist youths rioting.

Senior republican Bobby Storey personally intervened to save a group of soldiers cut off from their colleagues in the crowd.

Martin Morgan of the SDLP said his party would be vigorously arguing for a full investigation into the police handling of the march.

A fifty-year-old man died from a heart attack as water cannons were deployed outside his home.

The police said they had acted under human rights law allowing people to walk home from the main parade.

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