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In case anyone missed Jay Dooling's interview with Sean McClory, Joe's
brother-in-law, on Irish Aires, here t'is:


Per Sean's interview, the following are notable:

This was Joe's first visit to the US;
Joe was arrested by the 'Joint Terrorism Task Force', not by FBI or

Agents of this 'task farce' were waiting for Joe when the plane landed;
his arrest was planned prior to the completion of any immigration or
travel documents as they knew he was on board when the plane left

Personal friends of Sean's in the FBI (and probably others too) are
'profoundly embarrassed;

Joe was arrested to pad the statistics;

Tom Ridge was in Pittsburg and indicated that 300+ 'terrorists' have
been apprehended;

Joe's livelihood and reputation has been severely damaged by this

News of this incident has spread far and wide (all over Europe and
beyond) and have literally 'destroyed a man's life and livelihood and
Ridge & Co. have BS'ed the American people into believing that they're
protecting America';

Monday, 7/19, 1:30 PM hearing in Phili (6th and Market Sts);
Persecution has to show cause;

The US shouldn't be in the business of making new enemies;

The family is 'up to their chin' already (since only Thursday!!!!) in
legal fees and are desperate for some help:

Joe Black Legal Defense Fund:
In c/o
22 John St.
Pittsburg, PA 15205

Tom Madigan,
Coordinator, Media and Press Relations
Irish American Unity Conference http://www.iauc.org/

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