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Driven out
Gina Adair forced to flee
18 July 2004

CANCER-STRUCK Gina Adair is being driven out of her Bolton home - by BURGLARS!

The exiled wife of jailed UFF terror chief Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair is looking for a new bolthole in Manchester after her rented home was twice ransacked by hoods while she was in hospital undergoing chemotherapy.

It is the ultimate irony for the mum-of-four, whose paramilitary boss husband began his lucrative career in crime as a house breaker.

But last night, a furious Johnny Adair called on Bolton's hoods to stay away from Gina's house, saying: "They should just leave her alone - she is a very sick woman."

Only two years ago, Gina Adair was the uncrowned queen of the Shankill. But her life has been shattered by a series of events, including:

• 'Mad Dog' being thrown back in jail to complete his 16-year terror sentence;

• Being forced out of her Shankill home by Adair's UDA rivals in February 2003 and fleeing to Britain with his supporters;

• 'Mad Pup' son Jonathan, 19, being jailed for five years in April for dealing in heroin and crack cocaine in Bolton, and:

• Earlier this year being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

THE wife of Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair is set to flee her Bolton bolthole - after burglars ransacked her home.

Sunday Life can reveal that cancer-hit Gina Adair is looking at properties closer to the centre of Manchester, following two burglaries at her current home.

The break-ins happened while she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Manchester.

The latest burglary occurred last week. The thieves made off with Adair's handbag, which is understood to have contained the telephone numbers of her jailed husband's supporters in Ulster, England and Scotland.

Although Adair's wife believes the burglaries were committed by local criminals rather than being paramilitary-linked, she has vowed to move out of the area.

A well-placed source said: "Gina is very worried about the break-ins at her home.

"The next time it happens, she knows it could be the UDA leaving a bomb behind.

"She has had her troubles in Bolton, and when her handbag got stolen in the most recent burglary, she really started to panic.

"The handbag contained details of all her contacts. The UDA would like to get their hands on it to see who she has been talking to.

"She's said all along how much she hates Bolton, but it is only now that she has considered moving closer to the centre of Manchester, because that's where she gets her treatment."

Sunday Life contacted the ousted UDA leader at Maghaberry.

He said: "Earlier reports about my wife leaving Bolton were completely untrue.

"She has been receiving treatment for her illness and will continue to do so.

"Obviously I can't say where she is being treated, because there are people out there who are still intent on killing my family.

"I can't say where my wife will move to if the house in Bolton keeps getting targeted by burglars.

"They should just leave her alone because she is a very sick woman."

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