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Massacre relatives pose key questions
...Why was getaway suspect never charged?

By Sunday Life Reporter
18 July 2004

RELATIVES of the victims of the Loughinisland massacre have asked the Police Ombudsman to investigate why a prime suspect was never charged.

A former soldier has long been suspected of helping plan and acting as getaway driver for the Belfast-based killer gang in the last UVF atrocity of the Troubles.

Nuala O'Loan's office has been handed a dossier on the murders of the six Catholics at The Heights Bar, in the Co Down village, 10 years ago.

The SDLP's former South Down MLA, Eamonn O'Neill, has asked Mrs O'Loan to examine police files and assess if everything possible has been done to catch the killer-gang.

He personally handed over a dossier he had compiled after interviewing relatives of the six men and talking to villagers.

"I have no doubt that the evidence in this dossier will be assessed in an independent and professional way. Whether this leads to anything, that's a matter for the Ombudsman," said Mr O'Neill.

Among the questions being posed to Mrs O'Loan's team of investigators are:

• Did police follow up a letter purportedly written by someone who was a witness to the planning of the massacre?

• Were DNA tests carried out on the rifles and balaclavas used in the killings, and later recovered?

• Have the RUC or the PSNI investigated an allegation that ammunition taken from Ballykinlar army base was used in the killing spree?

The Ombudsman's office said it will give "careful consideration" to the dossier.

Because no one was ever charged, the Loughinisland killings have become known locally as the 'forgotten' tragedy of the Troubles.

The six victims were shot dead as they watched a World Cup football game on television at the bar, in June 1994.

They included the oldest victim of the Troubles, 87 year-old Barney Green. His 59-year-old nephew, Dan McCreanor, died beside him. The youngest to die was 34-year-old Adrian Rogan, brothers-in-law Eamon Byrne, Patsy O'Hare and Malcolm Jenkinson were the other victims.

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