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We will kill you with your own gun, UFF warns Adair

18 July 2004

ONE of Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair's favourite guns is being used to taunt him in his prison cell.

Rival loyalists have warned Adair that he will be killed with his own 'piece' when he is released early next year.

The distinctive sub-machine-gun was fired into the air when masked UFF terrorists issued threats against republicans at a loyalist bonfire, in the early hours of the Twelfth.

The leader of the UFF firing party also spoke to the cheering mob about Adair's scheduled release from prison.

The former 'C' company chief has been threatening to confront UFF bosses - who he recently branded "cowards" - when he gets out.

But during the show of strength, the armed man leading the firing party challenged Adair with words he had recently used himself, saying: "Bring it on!"

Shots were then fired from the sub-machine-gun, which was regularly seen close to Adair at earlier shows of strength.

When 'C' company was disbanded, Adair's former number two in terror, Mo Courtney, defected to the mainstream UFF, taking with him most of Adair's weapons cache - a move highlighted in graffiti daubed on walls in north Belfast.

Now the UFF is using those same weapons to issue a grim warning to Adair.

One loyalist source said: "It is a deliberate gesture to show Adair that any moves to take over again will be resisted.

"They know that he will see the pictures of that gun and recognise it, and the message is that they will shoot him with his own gun if he tries anything."

Adair has been blamed for ordering the murder of rival UFF leader John 'Grug' Gregg during the feud, and was preparing to assassinate other rivals at the head of the terror group when he was re-arrested.

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