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Wright to return to son's Maze murder scene

18 July 2004

THE father of murdered LVF chief, Billy Wright, is to make a return visit to the scene of his son's murder by INLA inmates in the former Maze Prison.

Mr Wright and his legal team have been granted permission to visit the scene by the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, who now have responsibility for the site of the former jail.

The Portadown man said his visit to the Maze prison was to ensure no alterations had been made to the murder scene or to its surroundings.

He said he also intended to take detailed photographic and video records of the area, to prepare for the forthcoming public inquiry into the murder of his son.

In a letter to David Wright, the Assembly office said the area of H Block 6 had remained effectively closed off to all unauthorised personnel and would remain so until they were instructed otherwise by the forthcoming inquiry.

However, the letter also said Secretary of State, Paul Murphy, had granted all those named in the Cory Report into Billy Wright's murder access to the former Maze Prison.

David Wright said he had been left with no alternative but to return to H Block 6.

"My two previous visits to H Block 6 were emotional and harrowing experiences," he said.

"However, this visit is crucial. It is post-Cory and I have additional information which can be put to the test inside the Maze."

The visit is expected to take place with the next few weeks.

The former prison has now been combined into a 360 acre site know as the Maze Regeneration Site.

It is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Reinvestment and Reform Initiative Sites Team, based at Stormont.

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