Vote register process begins

Forms can be downloaded from the Electoral Office website

The annual process of registering people in Northern Ireland to vote has begun.

Electoral Office canvassers will call at every home in the province from Monday until early October.

The need to register every year was brought in by the Electoral Fraud Act 2002.

In the past, one form was given to every household but now everyone has to register individually.

While it is not compulsory to vote, it is a legal requirement for everyone in the province aged 16 and over to be included on the Electoral Register.

Assistant Chief Electoral Officer June Butler said they were targeting young people.

"The absolutely final date for registering for the 1st of December register is 17th of November," she said.

"We are particularly interested in focusing on young people who, the statistics tell us, traditionally do not register.

"Under the old household system, the parent would have put them on the form, now it's their individual responsibility."

An electoral registration form is available on the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland's website or from a local area Electoral Office.

The new register will be published on 1 December.

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