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Deirdre Fennessy • 8 August 2004
Speech at Chicago POW Event - Abbey Pub

...Six years ago, in April 1998, a treaty was signed by the Irish and British governments under the auspices of “Peace”. This British-engineered document, disingenuously entitled the “Good Friday Agreement”, had little to do with the word “peace” as we know it, but more to do with “pieces” of Ireland stolen under the Union Jack.

Much like another British Treaty, the one of 1922 that illegally divided the country, this one was presented to the people of Ireland under threat of “immediate and terrible war”. Under Lloyd George’s threat, blood would indeed be spilt as the might of the British Army stood by primed to implement its threat. However in 1998, the threat was even more insidious, as it was clearly implied and reinforced that if you were for the Treaty you were for “Peace”, and if you opposed it, surely you must be for war. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All Irish republicans want peace – but peace at what price?


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