Fallen Comrades of the IRSM

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INLA firing party at Kevin Lynch funeral

Fallen Comrades of the IRSM - Kevin Lynch Died on Hunger Strike on 1 August 81

Kevin Lynch was born 25th May 1956 in Dungiven, County Derry. This was a primarily nationalist area but was garrisoned by the RUC and the British Army; thus, Kevin grew up experiencing the prejudice and sectarian hatred existing under such conditions.

Kevin joined the INLA in 1976, and was arrested only three months later in an RUC ambush in which suspected INLA activists in the town were rounded up. In 1977 he was sentenced to 10 years and immediately joined the blanket protest.

Kevin was 71 days on hunger strike; he was the second INLA Volunteer to join the hunger strike and to die as a result, at 1:00am on 1st August 1981.

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