Robinson: DUP will work with SF if IRA definitely out of picture

16/08/2004 - 13:01:25

The DUP says it is willing to work with Sinn Féin, provided there is certainty that the IRA's activities are over.

Writing in today's Irish Times, the party's deputy leader, Peter Robinson, also says he approves in theory of transferring powers over policing to a new power-sharing executive.

This is the latest move in an intricate dance between republicans and the DUP in advance of next month's critical talks to restore devolution.

Mr Robinson holds out the prospect of power sharing with Sinn Féin, but only if strict criteria are met.

The first and most important proviso, he says, must be the ending once and for all of the IRA's activities and the completion of decommissioning.

But he accepts that the political reality is that, once this is done, the DUP and Sinn Féin must reach agreement in order to regain self-rule.

Once confidence is established, then policing could also be devolved, he said.

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