Catholic residents being forced out of mixed area

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Butler has written to the Police Ombudsman to protest against the flying of paramilitary flags at The Cutts and on the Derriaghy Road.

Over the last number of months a number of UVF and Red Hand Commando flags have been erected at The Cutts. UDA flags have also been erected on the Derriaghy Road.

Councillor Butler said that he has been contacted in the last week by residents in the new residential development Barleywood Mill. The residents are concerned because flags have been erected on nearly every lamppost in the estate and they believe that this has been done to intimidate Catholics living in the area.

“I believe that the PSNI have failed to deal with the issue and have turned a blind eye to the erection of these flags which many residents, Catholic and Protestant, in that area find offensive and provocative,” said Councillor Butler.

“These flags are being erected in an area where many Catholics have moved into over the years. It is clear that the people are marking out what they see as their territory.”

Councillor Butler said that a Red Hand Commando flag has been erected outside Oakwood Integrated School and stressed that it is vital that children attending the school do so in a neutral environment.

“The PSNI need to be taking action about these offensive flags and have them removed,” said Councillor Butler.

“Recently the PSNI removed flags in the Knocknagoney area of Dundonald. Residents living in the Derriaghy area of Lisburn also want to see the PSNI deal with the flags there in a similar way,” he added.

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