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**To paraphrase an American expression concerning immigrants: Give me your tired, your poor, your prostitutes and your ritualistic-murdering bastards . . ."


Jim Cusack

SCOTLAND Yard detectives with specialist knowledge of African ritual killings are assisting gardai in investigating 25-year-old Malawi woman Paiche Onyemaechi's violent death and beheading.

Gardai have so far failed to find the head of the victim which sources said may have been taken as a "trophy" by the killer before the body was dumped near Kilkenny.

Scotland Yard recently sought Garda assistance over the death of "Adam" - an African boy whose headless torso was found in the Thames. A man was arrested in Dublin and is awaiting extradition. Onyemaechi, the daughter of Malawi's chief justice Leonard Unyolo, was believed to be working as a prostitute.

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