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£100,000 a year to cage Mad Dog

By Alan Murray
29 August 2004

Caged terror boss Johnny Adair has been given his own specially-created paramilitary wing at Maghaberry Prison.

The Prison Service has confirmed that the former UFF leader is now housed in a former committal centre at Maghaberry, which has been renamed "Glenn House".

He has his own pool table, washing machine, microwave oven and other facilities.

The move means that Adair has become the most expensive prisoner to be held in jail, in the province.

Two warders are assigned to guard him round the clock, costing the Prison Service around £100,000 a year - way above the already-high average cost of holding a prisoner in jail here.

The decision to house Adair separately in special accommodation, was made after the Mourne House women's prison was closed.

Adair was housed in the building on a different landing, but when it closed, he had to be moved.

He has been demanding the same level of facilities enjoyed by his former UDA comrades in Maghaberry, and threatening to take the Prison Service to court if he didn't get it.

He was temporarily housed in the Special Supervision Unit, until Glenn House was made ready for him.

One prison officer said: "He's got his way, because the Governor was worried that he would take a legal action against the Prison Service claiming he was being denied facilities available to prisoners in the same paramilitary category.

"He was moved over a week ago into the new Glenn House, and there are two officers assigned to guard him around the clock.

"It must be costing the service in the region of £100,000 a year. Thankfully, he's probably only going to be here until January, when he's expected to be released."

Adair can't be placed with other loyalist prisoners, as former UDA associates in the jail are under orders to kill him if they get the chance.

The UDA leadership has also warned that he will be killed if he returns to the Shankill, following his release.

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