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Gotcha...You Brick!
Sunday Life has the picture this thug didn't want you to see

Exclusive by Ciaran McGuigan
15 August 2004

Scumbag: Camera-shy Malcom McKeown

This is the picture drug-dealing thug, Malcolm McKeown, DIDN'T want you to see.

It shows the cowardly Craigavon scumbag shaping to throw a brick - probably at an innocent snapper!

McKeown was so desperate for his picture NOT to appear in Sunday Life, that he ordered his gang of teenage hoods to steal valuable camera equipment from a photographer working for this paper.

Sunday Life had been investigating claims, that McKeown had instigated a number of violent attacks, on families in the mid Ulster area.

McKeown won't see our snap himself, as he is understood to be currently enjoying a sunshine holiday in Spain, where he is likely to meet up with his drug-trafficking pal, Gary 'Mammy's Boy' Marno.

Marno, who fled Ulster after ripping off the LVF, owns a plush villa in the resort of Torreveija, just south of Alicante.

McKeown jetted out to Spain just days, after a gang of his teenage drug pushers smashed up a Sunday Life photographer's car, and stole valuable camera equipment.

Just moments earlier, McKeown had been snapped, as he stepped out of his souped-up Sierra Cosworth car, in a Craigavon car park.

He then stole car keys from our snapper, before calling for his army of young hoods to attack our photographer's car.

As they smashed up the vehicle, McKeown stood by shouting: "Get the camera! Get the camera!"

Police are understood to be examining footage of the incident, picked up by nearby security cameras.

McKeown is a well-known drug dealer in the Parkmore estate, in Craigavon.

In 1999 he survived an LVF murder bid, after being hit in the stomach with a single shot at his Parkmore home. McKeown had fallen foul of the terror gang in a row over the lucrative drugs trade in mid Ulster.

And, it is understood that elements in the LVF are still targeting the 39-year-old, whose family have strong links with loyalist paramilitary groups.

His older brother, Trevor, was jailed, in 1999, for the cold-blooded murder of Catholic teenager, Bernadette Martin.

The 18-year-old was shot dead, in 1997, as she slept beside her boyfriend.

McKeown's younger brother, Clifford, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of taxi driver, Michael McGoldrick. The innocent taxi driver was shot at the height of the Drumcree stand-off, in 1996.

He was gunned down as a "birthday present" to LVF leader, Billy Wright, a court was told, last year. Clifford McKeown is also suspected of the double-murder of teens Andrew Robb and David McIlwaine, near Tandragee, in 2000.


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