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UDA arson gang caught on CCTV

29 August 2004

Police may be able to identify the loyalist intimidators who torched a car owned by a sister of murder victim Alan McCullough.

For they are examining footage from CCTV cameras mounted outside the home of the McCullough family, in the Shankill area of west Belfast.

The car, which belonged to Sherine McCullough, was set alight in the early morning attack.

It was the latest in a series of threats directed against the family.

Mr McCullough's brother, Kenny, was in no doubt who was responsible.

"It was the UDA," he said.

"At the start of June, I had a death threat, and my mother had a death threat.

"It was another scare tactic."

One neighbour of the family told Sunday Life: "I feel dreadfully sorry for them because their life has been made a living hell.

"They are nice people who have lost a son, and haven't even been given the chance to grieve.

"The police were at the house shortly after the arson attack, and took away film from the CCTV cameras.

"Hopefully, it will help identify these thugs."

The body of Alan McCullough, a former ally of Johnny Adair, was found in June of last year in a shallow grave, on the outskirts of north Belfast.

He had fled his Shankill home with other Adair supporters following the UDA feud, but was persuaded to return home.

He disappeared after being lured from his home by a telephone call.

A man is expected to go on trial for his murder later this year.

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