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**I like how everyone north and south of the border knows these c**ts and still lets them do what they are doing. I like how the focus is always and perpetually on republican weapons when you STILL have official sanction of shite like this.

LVF arms deal with Croats 'secured'

Exclusive by Stephen Breen
26 September 2004

FOUR senior LVF godfathers have returned from Prague, after securing a major arms-deal with Croatian mobsters, it has been claimed.

Senior security sources claim the group - two from Belfast, one from mid-Ulster and one from the Antrim area - flew to France, before going on to Prague for a meeting with the eastern European arms dealers.

It is the second meeting the loyalist terror bosses have held with their Croatian counterparts.

Sunday Life revealed in July how LVF leaders had flown to the Costa Del Sol, in Spain, to begin talks on securing the new weapons.

Sources say the gang - who are members of the LVF's so-called 'army council' - left from Dublin, and flew with their families, in a bid to deflect attention away from the real reasons behind their visit.

Sources also claimed the men were stopped by gardai at Dublin airport, but, after being questioned, were allowed to continue with their journey.

It is believed the LVF men paid huge amounts of cash to secure handguns, semi-automatic machine-guns and explosives.

The latest development also comes after a major weapons shipment, bound for the LVF, was spirited away from Belfast harbour, onboard a fishing boat.

The loyalist paramilitary gang kept its huge weapons haul out of the hands of police, by off-loading five crates of guns and explosives, before the cargo ship docked at Belfast.

The operation mirrored Provo tactics from the 1970s and 1980s, when a number of huge weapon shipments were picked up off the Irish coast.

Said a loyalist source: "The LVF was following up its previous meeting with the Croatians, and that's why they sent senior figures to conclude the deal.

"They bought the weapons to continue its drug and criminal enterprises, but also because the group's Army Council does not believe the IRA's war is over."

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