Dissident Republican attack on church condemned

20/10/2004 - 14:31:20

Dissident republicans who daubed terrorist graffiti on a church are trying to ignite new sectarian violence, it was claimed today.

Continuity IRA slogans have appeared on the Presbyterian building at Greystone Road, Antrim.

Clergymen and political representatives were sickened by the attack, warning that tensions between rival republicans in the area were already running high.

Ken Wilkinson, a loyalist Progressive Unionist Party spokesman said: “It’s gone as low as it can when they are targeting a church.

“A Protestant man was beaten up just yards from there last week and then similar graffiti naming him went up on the local shops.

“There’s already problems between Sinn Féin and the dissidents, and now they are looking for a reaction from loyalism.”

As the slogans were painted over, the parish priest for the area expressed his outrage.

Fr John Murray said: “This is just mindless vandalism without any respect for God’s house.

“I’m saddened to hear about this and whoever was responsible must cut it out.”

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