Tribunal to unmask MI5 agents who sat in Dail

Irish Independent
17 Oct 2004


TWO former members of the Dail will be named as alleged British MI5
agents when the public enquiry into the murders of two senior RUC
officers by the IRA gets under way in Dublin next year.

The politicians, who are retired from politics, will be named by a
former soldier, recruited by the British Army's secret Force Research
Unit to spy on the IRA, who uses the pseudonym Kevin Fulton.

Later the Newry man assisted MI5, CID officers and Customs and Excise
officials to disrupt paramilitary linked gangs here and in Europe and
America after he left the Army.

It's understood he will tell the tribunal on the murders of Chief
Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Robert Buchanan that
the two politicians provided 'cover' for a major fraud.

Fulton who can't make any public comment about the controversial
claims because of an ongoing legal action against the Ministry of
Defence in London has told friends that he will ensure that the two
former TDs will be unmasked.

"He is determined to expose these two politicians and their
involvement with an IRA man who was an MI5 agent.

"Even if the tribunal goes into camera to hear his allegations he is
determined to publicly name those who planned the ambush of Breen and
Buchanan, those who assisted them from within the Garda and the
politicians who were in cahoots with an IRA crime figure in Co Louth
who ran two businesses at the time," an associate of

It's reliably understood that the former Army agent will prepare a
statement for the tribunal and publish it on the internet after he
presents it to the panel which has yetto be appointed by the Minister
for Justice MichaelMcDowell.

"There's no way this is going to stay secret even if the tribunal
decides to go into camera . . . This will become public knowledge
within hours of the tribunal sitting. It will be posted on an
internet site so everyone will be able to read the details," the
source said.

In December last year the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law
Reform Michael McDowell announced that an inquiry into the Breen and
Buchanan murders will be held under the terms of the Tribunal of
Inquiries (Evidence) Act 1921-2002 which has the scope to inquire
into allegations that employees of the State colluded in the deaths
of the two senior RUC officers.

A spokesman for the Department of Justice said on Friday that Mr
McDowell planned to bring his proposals for a tribunal to the Dail
before Christmas.

"The Minister is planning to present this matter before the
Oireachtas in the current parliamentary session," a spokesman said.

A former British Army officer who uses the pseudonym Martin Ingram
may also have knowledge of five British Army agents who worked for
Government agencies. Ingram was forced to flee his home outside
Dublin following a burglary when personal papers were taken including
a memoir which turned up in MOD legal documents served on him

Fulton has told friends he is aware of at least three MI5 agents who
lived and worked in the Republic during his period in the IRA and as
an Army agent spying on the terrorist organisation.

"He was aware of the scam against the EC and assisted two officials
from Brussels and Customs and Excise to destroy it.

"But he is also aware of the politicians who were associated with the
MI5 controlled IRA 'businessman' who ran it and believes these former
members of the Dail were compromised by the British. All these names
will be revealed to the tribunal," a source close to Fulton warned.

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