County Down drugs link to Ardoyne

Drug lords linked to a notorious family in North Belfast are swamping the area with narcotics via a home in Co Down.

And incredibly they live close to the confines of a security area manned by the British army and are able to operate without a bar to their passage.

The drugs are brought to Belfast by a notorious father and son team with links to Ardoyne. They distribute the dope to their pals in loyalist gangs across the city.

They have links to Co Down and an illegal used car racket. The squad of cars are used to ferry the drugs to their final destination in Belfast.

Reliable sources say in recent months the used cars have been spotted in several local areas.

They are passed onto teenage distributors who ferry the drugs on mopeds to users in clubs and on the streets. The motorbikes are supplied by the drug lords to help the pushers make a hasty retreat if challenged by members of the community.

Local sources say the network of drug barons is being galvanised with more children being sucked into the deadly game.

“There have been many exposed in the past and they are still in there dealing from Ardoyne to Whitewell to Glengormley,” said the source.

“There are a number of extended families involved and the father and son have recently joined up, which has established this link with Co Down.

“The operation with the cars is happening under the noses of the British army. The young individual is well known in Ardoyne as an anti-social.

“He has just graduated up with the help of his father into dealing these drugs. He’s a real big lad now.”

Journalist:: Staff Reporter

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