Loyalist tells of 'constant' UDA intimidation

Irish News

A former loyalist politician has described how he and his family have been targeted over the past 18 months in a paramilitary campaign of intimidation.

David Adams, who was a Lisburn councillor for the now defunct Ulster Democratic Party, said he was being attacked by the UDA because of his support for the peace process.

The most alarming incidents, Mr Adams said, included the placing of a pig's head on the passenger seat of his car, the beating to death of the family's pet dog and the daubing of graffiti outside his mother's house.

Describing the attentions of the UDA on him and his family as "constant harassment", Mr Adams said: "Over the years since the Good Friday Agreement – and my decision, as a loyalist politician, to buy heart and soul into the ceasefire and everything that went with that – we had become accustomed, if not immune, to their mindless threats and vulgar abuse."

"But, 18 months ago, they began backing up the threats with actual violence," he said.

Writing in the Ireland on Sunday, Mr Adams said his home had also "suffered numerous paint and missile attacks".

"Offensive graffiti levelling all sorts of spurious and ridiculous accusations continue to be painted in the area where I live," he said.

A close relative's new car was burned out and a car belonging to a friend was vandalised because he had been "seen visiting our house", Mr Adams said.

Joining Lisburn's District Policing Partnership – "one of umpteen such cross-community committees set up under the Good Friday Agreement" – led to the intimidation being intensified.

Mr Adams claimed that members of the DUP have played a "continuing role" in the intimidation.

"I had thought at some stage this vindictive campaign would be brought to a halt," he wrote.

"I now realise there is no chance of that.

"That is why I have decided to speak out now, after all this time.

"How it will end, I do not know. But I am determined in one thing – I will never allow anyone to dictate what I say, write or think."

October 12, 2004

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