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Murdered man's family 'terrorised' by UDA

(Bimpe Fatogun, Irish News)

The family of murdered loyalist Alan McCullough claim they are being
terrorised by the UDA into withdrawing legal statements about his

The 21-year-old's body was discovered in a shallow grave in Mallusk,
Co Antrim in June 2003.

Senior north Belfast loyalist Ihab Shoukri walked free from court
after murder charges against him relating to Mr McCullough's death
were dropped in August. Shankill UDA leader William 'Mo' Courtney is
still in custody charged with the murder.

A car belonging to Mr McCullough's sister Kelly has been damaged
outside the home she shares with her mother and seven-year-old
daughter in Denmark Street, in the Lower Shankill area of west

A metal bolt was thrown through the rear window of her Peugeot car,
smashing it, at around 1am on Monday.

Ms McCullough was too distraught to talk about the incident yesterday

Her brother Kenny McCullough said it was the latest in a series of
attacks on the family, which he blamed on the UDA.

In late August a family car was set alight. Their house has also been
attacked and several members claimed to have been told of death
threats against them.

"We have no doubt this is coming direct from the UDA," Mr McCullough

"The family have statements in against those involved and they are
trying to intimidate us out of our statements.

"I have no doubt down the line as it gets closer to the trial they
will put on even more pressure. They are desperate men and they are
going to take desperate measures to make sure they don't go to

The UPRG representative for the area could not be contacted for
comment last night.

Alan McCullough, an ally of Johnny Adair, was found dead several days
after vanishing from his west Belfast home. His murder took place at
a time when rival UDA factions were involved in a feud that claimed a
number of lives.

November 10, 2004

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