Scepticism over UDA ceasefire

The former Mayor of Belfast and the mother of a North Belfast man murdered by the UDA have both spoke of their scepticism at the recent announcement made by the paramilitary group that they intend to move away from violence.
The mother of Daniel McColgan, who was murdered by the UDA nearly three years ago, said she didn’t trust anything the UDA said.
The McColgan family lost their son, Daniel, aged 20 in January 2002 as he arrived for work at a postal depot in the loyalist Rathcoole estate.
Since then, the family have suffered even more distress, as their son’s grave has been the target of numerous attacks.
“I have a four-year-old grand daughter who is facing another Christmas without her father, and she will never know him,” said Marie McColgan.
“And yet the British Government talk to the people who murdered him.
“I don’t trust anything the UDA says. My son’s grave has been systematically attacked and these people have shown they have no respect for the living or the dead.”
The UDA made its statement at a Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Rathcoole. They said it was prepared to move away from violence but insisted it would still retain the right to ‘defend’ loyalist communities.
At the stroke of midnight the British Government reinstated their acknowledgement of the UDA’s ceasefire.
Less than an hour later the home of SDLP councillor Danny O’Connor came under attack from what his family described as ‘loyalists’ and he opened fire to protect his home and family.
As a result, former Lord Mayor of Belfast Martin Morgan said he was highly sceptical of the UDA promise.
“I have no trust in the UDA or their members or supporters. Who is going to be their next victim – the corner shop or corner house?
“This organisation has built itself up by illegal acts such as racketeering, drugs and prostitution.
“The list goes on – none of us believe for one second that they are going to move away from that. Too many of them have made too much on the backs of ordinary hard working people.”

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