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For sale: former UDA brothel house

By Ciaran McGuigan
14 November 2004

A house as a brothel by UDA thugs has been put up for sale.

The loyalist sex den in Templepatrick, Co Antrim - which was raided by cops last year - is believed to have raised thousands of pounds a week for the UDA's west Belfast 'brigadier' Mo Courtney, before he was locked up, accused of murder.

Now it has gone on the market, and is attracting bids of more than £140,000.

However, the Presbyterian minister selling the property was not aware of its past as a loyalist brothel. The Rev Brian Boyd told Sunday Life yesterday that he'd bought the house earlier this year, and was making a quick sale "to make a few bob".

Said Mr Boyd: "I did not really know anything about the background of the house."

Cops raided the bungalow - 953 Antrim Road, Templepatrick - on May 17 last year, and arrested a woman suspected of running a brothel. But when a Sunday Life reporter visited the house, just three days later, it was back in business.

Courtney and his henchmen had foreign hookers turning tricks at £100-a-time in the two-bedroom property, after they muscled in on the lucrative prostitution racket - close to Belfast International Airport.

Loyalist sources claim that the house was also used by the killers of Alan McCullough, to torture the young pal of ousted UFF boss Johnny Adair.

McCullough's body was later found buried in a shallow grave, in nearby Mallusk.

The same prostitution racket was earlier run from another nearby property by heroin trafficking pimp, Michael Wyatt.

But Courtney and then-ally Adair torched Wyatt's Ballyutoag Road brothel, and later forced him out of the next property he moved to.

A 'For Sale' sign was raised outside the bungalow last week.

Estate agents say they have already received a number of bids topping £140,000 for the property.

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