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Fulton stands by TD claims

By Alan Murray
21 November 2004

A FORMER Army agent - who named two former TDs as being compromised by MI5, on a US website last week - was last night standing by his claims.

The agent - who uses the pseudonym 'Kevin Fulton' - was speaking publicly for the first time about his allegations, against the two politicians.

Fulton told Sunday Life that a video clip of an account of his role as a spy within the IRA was posted on the website, without his consent, on Thursday.

In the clip, a balaclava-clad Fulton names the two former TDs, and claims that they were involved in a major EC fraud with an IRA figure from Newry, who was recruited as an informer, by RUC Special Branch.

Fulton claimed that he travelled to London in 1994 to meet two senior EC officials, to be briefed on a major dried milk powder scam, which cost the EC millions in revenue.

He said he named the two TDs to the EC officials and the IRA man from Newry, from whom they received cash.

Said Fulton: "I can confirm that I did travel to London, where I met two EC officials and conveyed to them what I knew of the scam, and the involvement of the two TDs in it.

"Within 72 hours of that meeting, at a hotel near Heathrow, I got a call from the IRA man at the centre of the scam. He told me he had just got a call from the TDs at Leinster House, who told him to stop everything, because the EC had started a major investigation and the Garda was involved.

"In other words, one of the TDs tipped him off about the investigation."

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