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Loyalists outlaw sale of rape drug

By Sunday Life Reporter
21 November 2004

LOYALIST paramilitaries in Co Down have ordered a crackdown on the sale of a date-rape drug.

The UDA has issued a warning to dealers to quit selling the drug - or face the consequences.

Dealers who have been peddling cocaine have also been warned that they are to stop.

The loyalist terror group brought in enforcers from another area, to hammer home their message in one Co Down town.

It followed complaints from parents that cocaine, and a form of the date-rape drug, Rohypnol, were freely available.

Warnings have also been daubed on walls in the area.

One loyalist source claimed it was the ready availability of the date-rape drug that prompted action.

Said the source: "There is no evidence that it was being used for drug-assisted rapes.

"But it does seem it was being sold as an 'upper' in small doses.

Added the source: "Given the announcement last weekend, we've made it clear that it must stop - and stop now."

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