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'Maverick' pipe bomb gang sought

14 November 2004

Maverick loyalists are being blamed for a pipe bomb campaign, in Co Down.

In the latest incident a fortnight ago, the home of a pensioner in Killyleagh was targeted by renegade UDA members.

Earlier this year, the home of a prison officer in the centre of the village was also attacked.

Security sources believe a similar device was used in both incidents.

The most recent attack was an embarrassment to the UDA, coming 48 hours before a joint UPRG/UDA delegation met Secretary of State Paul Murphy, to indicate the terror group wanted to put its violent past behind it.

UDA sources claim the attacks were not sanctioned.

SDLP MLA Margaret Ritchie said it was a matter of concern that after going years without any attacks, there had now been two incidents in Killyleagh.

She said: "The police need to take urgent action. They must act solidly to eradicate all forms of terror.

"One would have thought the days of the pipe bomb were long past."

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