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Mercy missionary

21 November 2004

THE distraught parents of murdered taxi driver, Michael McGoldrick, planned a joint suicide, after he was gunned down by an LVF assassin.

Michael McGoldrick, snr, and wife Bridie were overcome with grief, when their son was murdered by LVF gunman, Clifford McKeown, at the height of the Drumcree dispute, in 1996.

But the couple turned to God, and now Mr McGoldrick has received international praise for his charity work in poverty-stricken Moldova.

With the charity United Christian Aid, Mr McGoldrick has provided life-saving assistance to more than 4,000 children - and has won a commendation from the Polish ambassador to the Eastern European state.

Said Mr McGoldrick: "After Michael's death, Bridie and I called on God and he answered us.

"He has looked after us well.

"I always say I lost a son, but now I've got 4,000 children who need me."

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