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Posted: Sat Dec 25, 2004 10:56 pm Post subject: Free State Harassment At Morris Commemoration
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This is a quick summary of the events that took place yesterday, the 7th Anniversary of the Death of INLA Volunteer John Morris, out in Tallaght.

The day kicked off on time, 2 pm, at the assembly point, The Old Mill Pub. Even at this early stage, Special Branch were noted taking down car registrations and generally making their presence felt. It was noted that about eight Special Branch members were present.

Two pipers lead the Colour Party and parade of people from The Old Mill pub up to the gravesite of John Morris. A Large crowd was in attendence of about 100 people.

At the fallen comrade's grave, a representative of Teach Na Failte started off with the laying of the wreaths with which all sections and areas of the movement paid their respects to Vol. John Morris.

He then introduced speakers who represented the INLA Prisoners, comrades in Bray, The International Department and the federation of Irish Socialist Republicans of Canada and the USA. The main oration was read out by a Dublin Comrade. The Morris family also prepared a heartfelt speech and called for an immediate inquiry into John's death, which was echoed throughout every speech and is of paramount importance.

The work that had gone into the organisation of the day, those who travelled miles to be in attendance, was greatly appreciated. Also the headstone that marks where John now lies was seen by all as a tribute to John, and it is evident to see that the work done by everyone involved was well received by John's family.

After the Commemoration was finished and the playing of the national anthem, everyone retired back toward the Old Mill pub, for what they thought would be light refreshments and some sandwiches. On the road back the Special Branch, who were clearly visible throughtout the day, started to make their presence felt. They started off by driving quite erratically, stopping starting, driving up and back. On the road back the Special branch stopped at least four times and questioned people; they were aggressive in their attitude, grabbing people and pushing others.

This harresment continued until the group were outside the Old Mill Pub.

One Dublin Comrade photographed the continued Special Branch Garda harassment of the people who were present, including the young flute players who were only 14 years of age, and he very quickly became the subject of quite a heavy handed Special Branch Garda approach. The Special Branch Garda demanded his camera, and were aggressive in their approach. The man threw the camera away and was subsequently arrested on some bogus charge. He was frogmarched into a car and driven away.

Mrs Morris pretended to pick up the camera and she was illegally searched by a male Special Branch Garda. Mrs Morris stated she did not refuse being searched by a garda, but the Garda must be female.

The aggressiveness of the Garda Special Branch was plain for all to see. Even locals present who were smoking outside the Old Mill Pub slated the Garda on their heavy handiness. Most of the crowd present decided to go home at this stage, for many had to travel a good distance and wanted to make a start on the journey home.

The sandwiches that were made, were shared outside the Old Mill Pub with many locals enjoying and sharing in chat and banter.

Privately the Morrises thanked all those who were present. They were proud of their son John.

About three hours later, The Dublin Comrade was released from custody; he was collected by John Morris Snr. He was by all accounts badly mistreated at the hands of the Special Branch. He was supporting a swollen cheek, and several marks were visible on his lower back and side too; this was clearly noticeable. The Comrade was refused basic human rights while in custody. He was refused the right to see a doctor which he requested, to make a phone call, or to see the duty Sergeant, who proceeded to laugh at the Comrade. The Comrade also complained that his mattress had been urinated on. The Dublin Comrade incidentally was released without charge. The actions of the Special Branch and Garda were disgraceful.

The free state forces had not only murdered John Morris but it seems they wanted to mistreat and harass those who wanted to remember and pay their respects to a brave INLA Volunteer, who will never be forgotten by his friends and comrades.

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