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Foreign Affairs Department: No Irish casualties confirmed

2004-12-28 17:40:03+00

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it has no confirmation that any Irish people died in this week's disaster.

The devastation caused by the tsunami in Asia is being described as hell on Earth.

Thousands of bodies are piling-up in countries on both sides of the Indian Ocean - some reports are now putting the death toll as high as fifty-thousand.

Seventeen Britons are among those killed.

A spokesperson says however that at least ten Irish people needed medical attention for injuries sustained when the tidal waves struck the region two days ago.

There is also concern about two Irish women in Southern Thailand who are missing. Thailand is among the worst affected nations.

A helpline number is still in place for those concerned about the whereabouts of family or friends in the regions.

It is (01) 408 2308.

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