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IRSP honours founder of INLA

By Brendan McDaid
31 January 2005

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More photos of ceremony from here

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has unveiled a memorial to INLA founder, Red Mickey Doherty, in Derry.

IRSP spokesman Martin McMonagle said during Saturday's service at the Bogside: "It is our duty and indeed an honour that we acknowledge and pay tribute to Red Mickey's lifelong contribution to the ongoing struggle for justice, socialism and freedom on this island."

Mr McMonagle described Mr Doherty as an inspiration for all those seeking a united Ireland and an end to injustices against the working class.

He said: "His conscience would not allow him to follow any other path. Mickey was a political activist and his heart lay with the working class, the people who have nothing but their dignity.

"He understood what it was to live from hand to mouth, day by day, under the repressive British regime. He also understood that nothing would change as long as our people live in a capitalist society whether or not that capitalism was under the control of British or Irish capitalist masters."

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