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UDA ‘seeking €101.1m in return for end to illegal activity’

20/01/2005 - 13:23:35

The Ulster Defence Association is reportedly demanding £70m (€101.1m) from the British government in return for an agreement to abandon all paramilitary and criminal activity.

Reports today said the loyalist group was seeking the money over a five-year period "to train its members in skills which equip them for a new life", and to help loyalist communities.

The demand was apparently made during talks between the organisation and British government officials aimed at securing an end to all UDA activity.

A British official confirmed that the two sides were discussing a programme of measures in return for an end to UDA activity, but said no deal had yet been agreed.

MPs and community workers in the North have described the demand for £70m (€101.1m) as obscene, saying legitimate groups already working in loyalist areas were being starved of government funding.

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