Ferris claim - Government showdown with SF looms

Irish Examiner

YESTERDAY'S naming of Deputy Martin Ferris as a member of the IRA's
Army Council represents a bombshell twist in the Government's ongoing
assault on Sinn Féin links with paramilitarism and criminality.

It was an unprecedented development as Tánaiste Mary Harney said she
believed the North Kerry TD to be among "Oireachtas members" on the
council, the high command of one of the world's most ruthless
terrorist organisations.

Not surprisingly, Mr Ferris restated his denial of the allegation as
despicable and accused the PDs of trying to damage Sinn Féin

There seems no upper limit to the insulting and damaging charges
levelled at Sinn Féin by the PDs.

Justice Minister Michael McDowell has long waged a one-man campaign
against them.

Sinn Féin leaders stand accused of knowing in advance about the €32
million Northern Bank raid, blamed on the IRA.

They also stand condemned for refusing to admit that the
murder of Belfast woman Jean McConville was a crime. No warped
doctrine can excuse that heinous crime.

A showdown is looming when the Government and Sinn Féin meet

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