Interpol issues IRA warrants

From correspondents in Colombia
Melbourne Sunday Herald

INTERPOL has issued international arrest warrants for the three
Irishmen convicted in Colombia of training Colombian rebels and
sentenced to 17 years in jail.

Warrants were issued at Interpol headquarters in France on Wednesday
so the trio could be arrested in any of the 189 member countries,
said Oscar Galvis, spokesman for the DAS, the Colombian agency that
works with Interpol.
Suspected Irish Republican Army (IRA) members Martin McCauley, James
Monaghan and Niall Connolly were sentenced in absentia to 17-year
prison terms but are feared to have fled the country.

Colombian authorities say they have not known the whereabouts of the
three since June.

The trio were detained in Colombia in 2001 and accused of having
trained Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels to make

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