Protestors leave mark on Barracks

This Andersonstown News reporter holds the somewhat dubious title of the last person to be ‘detained’ in Andytown cop barracks.

The PSNI dubbed yesterday’s event “the end of an era” and “a new beginning to policing”.

But protesters outside Andersonstown Barracks yesterday insisted the security installation has been central to the government’s policy of collusion with loyalists.

Two PSNI officers spoke to reporters from inside the barracks wall. When this reporter opened the steel door to coverage of the protest, PSNI officers suggested I stay for the rest of the conference for fear that protesters would enter the complex.

So without the indignity of having the cuffs slapped on at the barracks’ swansong, I awaited my release from the ruins of Andytown barracks.

The last ‘detention’ was a fitting way to mark the demise of A’town barracks.

Journalist:: Andrea McKernon

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