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Adair's secret Scots summit

Exclusive by Stephen Breen
23 January 2005

Exiled terror chief Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair has held a secret meeting with a top UDA man to discuss his possible return to Ulster.

Senior security sources told Sunday Life Adair - along with sidekick Gary 'Smickers' Smith - travelled to Scotland to attend the terror summit.

We understand the meeting was held in the village of Campbelltown.

Sources said the leading UDA figure was hidden in a fishing boat that travelled across from Co Down.

Adair is believed to have made the journey by car from Bolton, just two days after his release from Maghaberry Prison.

It is not clear who arranged the meeting, or if any of the UDA's six brigadiers were in attendance.

But sources say the discussion lasted for around two hours, before Adair returned to his new home in the north west of England.

This latest development comes after Adair denied reports he'd been in contact with east Belfast UDA leader Jim Gray, in a bid to end his bloody feud with the terror group.

Speaking to Sunday Life last night, the ousted terror boss refused to confirm if he had made the journey to Scotland.

Said Adair: "It would be very unprofessional of me to tell Sunday Life who I have met, or where I have been since my release.

"I'm not saying anything about this supposed meeting in Campbelltown, because I have to protect my security and the security of anyone I may be meeting.

"If there was a meeting like this, I would expect it to be a lot 'tighter', and would be surprised if the Press had got wind of it.

"There have been reports in the past about people I will be meeting, and they haven't been a million miles away from the truth, but I can't elaborate, for obvious reasons.

"I can't comment on this story or my future plans, because my priority right now is to give 100 per cent attention to my wife, who is very ill."

The Shankill loyalist also denied reports he had abandoned plans to make a secret visit to Belfast last Thursday, at the last minute.

Added Adair: "They said I was in the Shankill, north Belfast and in the Woodvale area, but I'm still in Bolton.

"I'm not going to say if I was planning to go to Belfast last week . . . why would I want everyone knowing what I'm doing? People can speculate all they want, but the only person who knows what I'm doing next is Johnny Adair."

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