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Nazi shock for Zoe

Exclusive by Stephen Breen
23 January 2005

Ulster Blue Peter beauty Zoe Salmon was last night the subject of a sick neo-Nazi accolade, Sunday Life can reveal.

The Bangor stunner - who sparked outrage last week, after claiming the Red Hand of Ulster would be a good airline logo - told how she was "horrified", when we informed her fascist thugs had posted an image of her on a website as the "ideal Aryan pin-up".

The photo - taken during the BBC presenter's time as Miss Northern Ireland - was posted in the guest-book of the extremist Combat 18 website, by an internet user known as 'Jack from Ulster'.

Alongside the pic of the TV star, racist literature also appears, describing her as the "beauty of Nordic Celtic-Germanic womanhood - the life-giving womb of Aryan civilisation".

Last night, the image of Zoe (24) could still be freely accessed.

The BBC's legal team have now sent a letter to the organisers of the sick website, in a bid to have the photo removed.

They have also written to the company that owns the copyright of the image, to make them aware that neo-Nazis have hijacked it.

Speaking to us last night, the London-based presenter said she was stunned to learn her photo had been published on an extremist website.

Said Zoe: "I was shocked and horrified when you told me my photo had been posted on this website. I didn't quite know what way to react.

"But I'm also very unhappy about it, and I know the BBC's legal team will be doing everything they can to remove the photograph from the website.

"I don't know what else to say about this - I'm just disgusted by the whole thing."

A spokeswoman for the BBC confirmed the corporation's lawyers had launched a bid to have the image removed.

Added the spokeswoman: "The BBC would like to thank Sunday Life for bringing this matter to our attention.

"The matter is now being pursued by the BBC's legal team, with a view to having the picture removed from the site as soon as possible. The photo was taken when she was Miss Northern Ireland, and we have also written to the company that has copyright for the image to make them aware of the issue.

"Zoe wasn't happy at all about this, and she now just wants to leave the matter in the hands of the BBC's lawyers."

sbreen@belfast telegraph.co.uk

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