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An unholy row!

23 January 2005

A ROW over a "blasphemous" sweatshirt has erupted in Ian Paisley's home town.

Fury erupted among DUP councillors in Ballymena, after it emerged a shirt, showing a picture of Christ, along with the slogan 'Nobody f**** with the Jesus', was on sale in a shop in the town.

"This is blasphemous," fumed Roy Gillespie, leader of the DUP grouping on the local council.

"I am shocked by this, and will not be supporting any store that sells such a thing.

"The Lord died on the cross for our sins, and to treat the Lord like this is terrible. This sort of clothing should be banned."

Mr Gillespie contacted the store demanding it be removed from sale.

It is understood that the sweatshirt has now been taken from the shelves.

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