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Loyalist mob in shops attack, says SF

By Chris Thornton
02 February 2005

Sinn Fein said today that incidents involving loyalists in north Belfast are a "worrying development" for nationalist residents.

The party claims loyalists attacked nationalist areas at Carrick Hill and Ardoyne shops last night.

North Belfast councillor Carál ni Chuilin linked the attacks to a recent loyalist tensions.

In Carrick Hill, she said loyalists came from the Shankill, leading to a stand off "in which community representatives and residents worked to diffuse the situation".

"At the same time a crowd of around forty loyalists wielding baseball bats attempted to attack shops across from Twadell Avenue," she said.

"For loyalists to be able to amass in numbers and prepare these attacks is a worrying development."

The PSNI said they responded to reports of youths fighting in Peter's Hill area and found several children. They received no further reports.

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