Daily Ireland will be inclusive, claim backers

01/02/2005 - 15:52:11

Backers of Ireland’s newest newspaper, Daily Ireland, claimed today it would be nationalist but inclusive.

Businessman Peter Quinn, of the Quinn Group, one of the publication’s biggest supporters, pledged that it would not be a mouthpiece for any one political party.

The Belfast-based daily, part of the Andersonstown News Group, is expecting to have an initial circulation of 20,000 copies across the nine counties of Ulster and neighbouring areas, as well as Dublin.

Supporters, including Mr Quinn, have ploughed around £5m (€7.2m) into starting up the new tabloid.

“Through our research we found that there was a market for a nationalist paper but not one that would be a mouthpiece for a particular national party,” Mr Quinn said.

He said the paper was being run by a young dynamic and energetic team.

“That’s what gives us an edge and that’s what will make us successful,” he said.

“Those that believe we can be categorised in one way are wrong, it will allow everyone to have a voice.”

The tabloid paper will focus on news from Northern Ireland and the Republic and also cover international events.

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