Fitzgerald ‘unaware of collusion in Republic bombings’

01/02/2005 - 12:01:09

Former Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald has told an Oireachtas committee that he does not know whether the British army helped loyalist paramilitaries carry out bomb attacks in the Republic.

Mr Fitzgerald said the possibility of such collusion could not be excluded, but there was no concrete evidence to suggest that it took place.

The former Taoiseach was speaking before the Oireachtas committee set up to look into a series of loyalist bomb attacks in the Republic in the 1970s.

The committee is currently examining a report from the Barron Inquiry dealing with two bomb attacks in Dublin in 1972 and 1973.

There have long been claims that the British army helped the loyalists who planted the devices, though no evidence has been uncovered to support these suspicions.

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