SF accuses Taoiseach of anti-republican 'electoralism'

03/02/2005 - 09:30:54

Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness has accused the Taoiseach of acting for his own electoral purposes in blaming the Provisional IRA for December's bank heist in Belfast

Last night, the IRA withdrew its offer to decommission all its weapons in protest at what it said was Irish-British antagonism towards the republican movement.

The organisation said its patience had been repeatedly tested by the Irish and British governments' on-going efforts to blame the IRA for various crimes, including the £26.5m (€38m) Belfast robbery.

Mr McGuinness said today that such accusations were being made without any evidence.

"This is electoralism gone mad and I think many people in the North who have been advocates of the peace are wondering why the Taoiseach is behaving in such a fashion," he said.

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