FBI holds man for 'defence exports'

Irish Independnet
1 Feb 2005

THE FBI has detained an Irishman in California for the unlawful
export of defence articles to Russia.

Denis Sugrue (54), originally from Galway but now living in Moscow,
was arrested earlier at Los Angles International Airport.

He had been tailed for a week by FBI special agents around Silicon
Valley where he met with various technology companies.

Last night his brother, Eoin, who is managing director of Limerick-
based telecommunications company, Amideon Systems, said: "I am
confident he has done nothing wrong and will be fully exonerated."

The company was set up by the Sugrue brothers and operates globally.
Recently it announced that it had entered into agreement with a
Germany company to collaborate in selling equipment on the Russian

An affidavit by a FBI special agent said that, following
surveillance, they seized a package being sent by Mr Sugrue to
Amideon Systems. This was found to contain hi-tech equipment which
the FBI alleges can be used to "assist in the sending and
interception of carrier waves [signals]."

Mr Sugrue has been prevented by the FBI from leaving California until
it completes its inquiries.

Tom Lyons

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