Behind walls of a deserted barracks, something moves

An official complaint will be lodged with the Police Ombudsman’s Office concerning continued PSNI activity at Andersonstown barracks, the Andersonstown News has learned.

The barracks officially closed on January 23, but PSNI personnel have been spotted coming and going from the barracks continuously. Local Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Maskey says he believes that PSNI officers are continuing to spy on the people of West Belfast from the sangar at the front of the station.

Councillor Maskey now intends to pen a letter of complaint to the Police Ombudsman and has called for clarification on the position of Andersonstown Barracks.

“This barracks was supposed to have been vacated several weeks ago,” said Councillor Maskey.

“Several members of the public have contacted me regarding sightings of PSNI/RUC personnel at the barracks. I myself have driven past the barracks and have seen them sitting inside the sangar spying on the people of West Belfast. This is a despicable act on behalf of the PSNI/RUC which continues to spy and harass our constituents in this area.”

Councillor Maskey called on the PSNI to leave the barracks as soon as possible.

“The PSNI/RUC is not welcome at this barracks and should vacate this building immediately.

“Time and time again this so-called police force tells us one thing and then does the complete opposite,” added Councillor Maskey.

When contacted by the Andersonstown News a spokeswoman for the PSNI said she would be making no comment on claims that the PSNI were spying on the people of West Belfast.

“Demolition work has started on Andersonstown barracks and the PSNI will maintain a presence throughout,” she said.
The spokeswoman was unable to give a definite date on when the demolition work will be completed.

Journalist:: Roisin McManus

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