Anonymous Comment on McCartney Murder

**I just received this comment on one of my posts concerning the McCartney murder and thought it was interesting:

If RUC wish 2 find perps - let them Q. Devine as he was intended target. - Reason - In a P.O. robberey he was involved in some time ago - he gave up his comrades in return 4 lighter sentance - Theese comrades were having a celebration drink after serving their time when Devine entered the bar. Didn’t take long 4 old grudges 2 resurface + accusation of “tout”. MY MESSAGE TO ALL INVESTIGATING THIS IS “The psni special branch knows Devine + his role. The Handler has gone 2 great leagths 2 cover this part of Devines life from media attention + it is my personal beleif that Special Branch know or can easily find out(as a matter of record) The people who done this”
Is the protection of 1 exposed mole worth allowing the IRA 2 instill fear on2 the streets of Belfast????????

Comment by I.N.Theno. — 3/3/2005

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