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Brave Oksana steps towards brighter future
Frostbite victim makes remarkable future

By Nigel Gould
04 March 2005

They were only a few steps . . .

But that short descent down a flight of stairs at Musgrave Park Hospital proves brave Oksana Sukhanova has already climbed a mountain on her long, long road to recovery.

Looking extremely fit and well, she has no difficulties in walking.

Indeed, her progress has been nothing short of miraculous.

Within days of receiving her new legs at Musgrave's renowned limb-fitting centre, she was walking short distances with the aid of crutches.

Inside two weeks, she had thrown away the crutches.

Now, she is walking up and down stairs - with ease.

And in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph today she speaks of how she is looking forward to getting on with life.

At the beginning of the year, Oksana had to have her legs amputated after suffering frostbite while sleeping rough on Ulster's streets.

The incident sent shockwaves across the community - and offers of help flooded in.

But today in the Telegraph, Oksana says: "I have always been determined and I am still very determined."

Oksana revealed how she is taking daily English lessons and adds: "I want to stay in Northern Ireland.

"I hope to stay here and get a job."

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