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Cross-border plan unveiled

By Patsy McArdle
03 March 2005

A new cross-border development plan - designed to promote projects which will have an impact in Northern Ireland and the Republic - is to be unveiled at a conference in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, tomorrow.

The plan, based on a study undertaken in South Armagh and Co Monaghan, is aimed at forming a partnership approach for Government and EU funding for a number of new projects with cross-community appeal.

Local authority representatives from both sides of the border, as well as Ulster and Eire trade leaders, are involved.

A spokesman for Mentor Economic Development Limited, which has undertaken the survey, said: "This is a major co-operative exercise - the objective is to draw down maximum grant aid from both governments and the EU for the Border region."

The Mayor of Castleblayney, Brendan Hughes, said the conference will also discuss formalising the role of the North/South Partnership and consider 'a new Action Plan' for the future'

Delegates, he said, will also be exploring where maximum funding can be obtained for the most meritorious schemes.

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