Two INLA prisoners have house to themselves

03 March 2005

TWO notorious INLA prisoners in Castlerea prison are living in a house designed for at least seven inmates after refusing to share with anyone unconnected to their organisation.
Dessie O’Hare, serving 40 years for kidnapping and murder, and Declan Duffy, jailed in connection with a bloody and fatal 1999 showdown between the INLA and a Dublin gang, “will not allow anyone else share it (the house) unless they are attached to their organisation”, Inspector of Prisons, Dermot Kinlen, reported.

O’Hare, known as the Border Fox, and the organisation’s reputed leader Duffy have the house in the Grove area of the overcrowded prison to themselves while 12 “ordinary” inmates are packed into another of the seven, standalone buildings, a report by the Inspector of Prisons has revealed. The pair, like the eight IRA inmates, including the four jailed in connection with the murder of Garda Jerry McCabe, enjoy considerable freedom of movement, have their own visiting area and do not share the dining hall, the gym, workshops and educational facilities.

The IRA inmates are restoring a boat in their workshop, the report reveals.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern denied accusations the IRA inmates were in control of the prison and had an effective veto on who is transferred to the Grove area of the Roscommon facility.

Fine Gael’s Enda Kenny asked the Taoiseach to confirm reports that groceries were delivered to the inmates inside the prison.

Justice Minister Michael McDowell said: “I have directed the governor to inform those prisoners that they must obey the prison rules the same as other prisoners. If they have any difficulty with that, I can use my powers to transfer them and I would not hesitate to do so.”

There were 39 inmates in the Grove facility, including two INLA, eight IRA and three “concerned parents against drugs”.

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